Monday, 13 June 2011

Introduction to BodyTuner

As this is my first blog, I believe it is appropriate to cover a few key things about it- in my first post.

Well, what is this blog about?

Put simply this blog is about tuning your body to perform at it's maximum potential

My blog is about teaching, and hopefully allowing you to understand how different parts of your body function, and how you can shed that excess fat which is currently forcing your 6 pack into hibernation or be able to increase your muscular endurance by up to 500%

This blog will range from beginners, to hopefully experts, and I really do hope that every visitor can go away with a valuable piece of information that may revolutionize their life.
I also hope to include as many pictures and videos as possible to help me, help you.

What experience do I have?
I have competed at elite levels of sport, representing my country at international level in 2 different sports.
I know how to motivate and inform, two charaterisitcs that I think are very important in someone who is advising you on your body. Your body should be the most important thing you own. It is worth no amount of money. Respect your body, respect what you do with it and what you put into it, and it shall return the favor.

Why read my blog, why get fit?
There are literally a million reasons why you should look after your body; here a few of my favourite examples of positives of being healthy & fit:

-Feel better and have more energy
-Require less sleep!
-Friends, relatives and co-workers will comment on how good you look- not to mention being much more attractive to the opposite sex
-You'll be healthier and live longer!
-Exercise will be easier, more enjoyable, and less embarrassing!
-Younger looking
-MASSIVE confidence boost

-Improve your sex life
-Extend your lifespan

What I personally should like to achieve by posting this blog

What do I want to gain from this?
I want to be able to help as many people as possible help themselves to a better lifestyle- and then maintain it.
My reason for this?
I want to really give back, and aid people reach their goals simply because people in the past, through various means of media have helped me through multiple sporting goals.

Bottom Line: I want people to be able to feel confident in the body they have been given.

Hopefully this has provided you some insight into what I am going to be posting here over the coming days & months.

 Stay Tuned.


  1. This will be interesting. Following. :)

  2. I'm always looking to better my health. This will definitely help!

  3. Might motivate me to get off the computer for a bit. can't wait to read more.